Multi-functional Infant Food Processor Set


Babies above 6 months need more nutrients for development. With different process utensils, this infant food processor set helps you and your babies to have a healthy and joyful eating experience.

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Function Description
1.Grinder:Made of durable ABS compound, and designed with rough grinding surface.
Peel or un-seed the foods before processing for more efficient results.
2.Juicer:Work with filter to maximize the outcome.
3.Mortar:Convenient handle for easy use. Rough surface enhances the efficiency of
grinding and crushing.
4.Filter:Convenient and durable combination of ABS compound and stainless steel,
produces more efficient outcome.
5.Plate:Dual functions for different usage.
6.Pestie:Made of wood that contains no scents or harmful chemicals, ideal for
crushing the foods.
7.Baby Spoon:Multiple usage with smooth edge, does no harms to your babies.


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